Vehicle History Reports: How Important Are They?

VIN Number

In terms of our health, safety, and investments, research is paramount. Research is crucial in regards to our safety, health and investment. Automobiles aren’t any different. They can be a source of secrets that if you don’t know where to look for the truth, they may cause you a lot trouble. You can find out the history of your vehicle to help you select a reliable vehicle that will ensure safe and reliable transport for a long time.

The reports include many details about a car’s damage history and true mileage, maintenance records, as well as possible recalls. They might not be able tell you what’s wrong, however they could alert you to it. You can also refer to them as an car history check and have different levels of information depending on the cost you pay.

You will find one wherever you go.

Safety organizations such as the state’s DMV, National Highway Transportation Safety Administration or the National Insurance Crime Bureau often provide no-cost VIN checks. These checks are not extensive in scope but still give you information on the vehicle’s title status as well as whether it’s ever declared stolen but never recovered , or as salvage vehicles. A car dealership is another option to find car history check. There are many dealerships that have multiple subscriptions to auto histories. They may be able to give you an exact copy of the NCIB report for the car you’re interested in. Be alert for dealers who either will not show you a report or offer an out-of-date copy. It could mean they are trying to hide something.

What is in a vehicle history file?

Damage from flooding

A car that has been affected by flooding might appear pristine but have serious issues in terms of brakes, corrosion and electronic systems. Cars damaged by flooding must be retitled salvage or flood vehicles. They should not be offered to consumers in most instances unless they’ve been properly repaired and inspected by authorities.

Airbag deployments

Airbag deployment indicates that the car was involved in an accident that was serious. Although the damage could be evident, it’s likely that there are issues with the frame, electronic components or drivetrain. In addition, buyers would be interested in knowing if the airbags were repaired and reinspected properly.

Former owners

A vehicle that is used commercially should say so in the history of the title. The vehicle being used for a rental or construction company, for example, would likely have more use or abuse than a private vehicle with the same mileage.

The Odometer is rolled back

Some sellers who are not reputable alter odometer readings to cause the car to appear to have a lower mileage. Other frauds are title manipulation, undeclared condition and duplicate DMV certificates, and other frauds.


When a person takes loans against the title of their vehicle this can create problems for potential buyers. In certain cases, the lender owns the title, but the buyer won’t have knowledge unless they run the VIN check. If this situation is not addressed immediately, may cause the titleholder to demand repayment or the taking possession of the car.

For your security We provide no-cost car history reports. Visit us and take a look at our inventory. You’ll be sure to find a car with a clean background to meet your requirements.

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